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Did you know Nadine produced/starred in a 25 min. love story called Lonely Planet shot in Barcelona? She was 
nominated for Best Actress & Best World Short at SOHO Int’l Film Festival, and WON Best Comedy/Dramedy at The Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. Lonely Planet was accepted into over 17 festivals all over the world, including “Diversity In Cannes,” “Mallorca Int’l,” “Palm Springs Int’l Short Fest,” “Hawaii Int’l Short Fest,” and many more!
CBS Daytime hit “The Young & The Restless” brought Nadine Nicole back after her inital 8 episodes! She has been working on the show since August 2015. Catch her Recurring role's front story line at 12:30 PST.
Nadine Nicole In Soap Opera Digest
Fans get to know Nadine on a whole other level with this article that uncovers the truth about her experience on Y&R, her nonprofit organization True Connection, her life growing up in Michigan, modeling, being in a band, and much more!
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